Carrie Hesch is running for LD 26, against an incumbent Republican. This is an important race because she is being promoted by Tarra Simmons, who is wonderful. Also, because she is “A survivor of domestic violence, Hesch is the proud mother of two lovely daughters — one a local city police officer and the other a “special needs community angel.” She works at the Washington Corrections Center for Women, serves as an elected Director on the Key Peninsula Community Services Board, and is a proud Shop Steward for Teamsters Local 117.” https://www.thestand.org/2020/05/teamsters-carrie-hesch-seeks-house-seat-in-26th-district/

If she takes this seat, we will have one more Democrat seat – and one less Republican. We need this power to leverage the kind of Progressive legislation that we need – especially in the school-prison pipeline that currently exists.

In addition, Jesse Young, the incumbent is a loon.

LD 26:

What’s Wrong with Young?
Jesse Young’s MLK Day speech was all about him being attacked by Black people: https://youtu.be/d4dNKhfPWrM (more here)

He is abusive to staffers, and the House took it seriously enough that ‘the accounts of misbehavior by Young were “credible and serious” enough to restrict him from working with a legislative assistant for at least a year. The House also barred him from having a state-funded district office for at least a year, though Young said he closed his district office voluntarily.’