Actions for the Week of 2/21/2020

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Daily actions for the week starting 2/21/2020

An action a day keeps the dictator at bay.

  1. Call our members of Congress and tell them to sign on to H.R.1348, the Presidential Pardon Transparency Act of 2019 introduced by Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi. This bill would require the President to publish the issue date, recipient, and full text of each pardon or reprieve granted. Tell our members of Congress to sign on to H.R.1627/S.2090, Abuse of the Pardon Prevention Act (introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff). H.R. 1627/S.2090 would require the Department of Justice to submit to Congress all investigative materials related to an offense for which the President pardons an individual if the offense arises from an investigation in which the President, or a relative of the President, is a target, subject, or witness. Most of all, tell Rep. Kilmer to sign on to H.J. Res. 13, “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution to clarify the presidential pardoning power.” This joint resolution proposes a constitutional amendment denying the President the power to grant himself a reprieve or pardon for an offense against the United States. Once again, the current “president” has shown there are no depths to which he will not sink. He issued a basket of pardons, including one to a tax-evading executive whose family paid the “president’s” campaign over $200,000. Read about it here The “president” issues pardons to people he heard about on Fox News. Read about it here.
  2. Call our members of Congress and tell them to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a DOJ Russian money-laundering case against Deutshe Bank, the only bank willing to lend money to Trump since 1998. AG William Barr tried to prevent a Turkish bank, Halkbank, from being indicted as part of a scheme to evade US sanctions on Iran to please Turkish strongman Erdogan. Barr has already reached into the Michael Flynn and Roger Stone cases on behalf of Trump allies. He has set up a process for receiving whatever Rudy Giuliani cooks up. Call Rep. Kilmer and tell him to stop appropriating money to pay the salaries of AG Barr’s henchmen and AG Barr himself. Read about it here. It’s time to consider impeaching Barr.
  3. Call our members of Congress and tell them to investigate CNN’s story about a Trump associates buying rally attendance and votes for cash. Darrell Scott, a pastor from Cleveland, Ohio, a prominent ally of the president, has been running a possibly illegal program designed to win over black voters for the president that literally involves handing them envelopes stuffed with cash at mini-rallies. Read about it here.
  4. Call our members of Congress and tell them to stand up for our country’s intelligence agencies and the roll they play in keeping Congress and the public informed. The firing last week of Acting Director of Intelligence, Joseph McGuire, the resignation of his deputy and their replacements by a Trump loyalist with absolutely no intelligence experience, Richard Grennell, and a Devin Nunes staffer, has put our country’s national security at risk. McGuire was fired because Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee told the “president” McGuire had had his staffers brief Congress on Russian activities that were already underway to attack the 2020 election, as required by law. Trump wants to muzzle our intelligence agencies and keep the public uninformed, in plain sight. Read about it here.
  5. Call Rep. Kilmer and tell him to co-sponsor H.R.5848, the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2020. The bill would “amend the Solid Waste Disposal Act to reduce the production and use of certain single-use plastic products and packaging, to improve the responsibility of producers in the design, collection, reuse, recycling, and disposal of their consumer products and packaging, to prevent pollution from consumer products and packaging from entering into animal and human food chains and waterways, and for other purposes.”
  6. Contact Rep. Kilmer and thank him for sponsoring H.R.729, Coastal and Great Lakes Communities Enhancement Act and get it passed in the House. The bill authorizes the Department of Commerce to award grants to Indian tribes in coastal and Great Lakes areas to protect areas threatened by rising water levels. Tell our senators to introduce and support it in the Senate. The bill was endorsed by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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