Actions for the Week of 4/3/2020

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Daily actions for the week starting 4/3/2020

An action a day keeps the dictator at bay. Use email because so many staffers are working from home.

  1. Email our members of Congress and tell them to hold investigations of Republican senators Richard Burr (North Carolina), Kelly Loeffler (Georgia, and wife of Jeffrey Sprecher, CEO of Intercontinental Exchange and chairman of the New York Stock Exchange) and James Inhofe (Oklahoma) for insider trading on the coronavirus briefings they received as senators. Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein (California) deserves a look, too, but she claims it was her husband who made the trades in his own account and that her own account is in a blind trust. The senators appear to be in violation of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act, which was passed in 2012. At the time, Sen. Burr was a vociferous opponent of the STOCK act.  Read about it here. AG Barr’s Dept. of Justice claims to be investigating Sen. Burr – something to keep a close eye on.
  2. Email our members of Congress and tell them to investigate the Dept. of Justice decision not to prosecute Walmart for their contribution to the opioid crisis. Read about it here.
  3. Email our members of Congress and tell them to act now to save the United States Postal System. Long a target of Republicans, the USPS is in trouble because of the economic slowdown caused by this pandemic. The USPS “could collapse by summer’s end barring an infusion of billions of dollars in federal aid.” Read about it here.
  4. Call our members of Congress and tell them to pass legislation opening the Affordable Care Act exchanges for a special enrollment period in response to the pandemic since the “president” won’t do it. The ACA allows people who have lost their coverage due to job loss to enroll, so Trump cannot stop them from enrolling, but people who were uninsured before coronavirus hit cannot sign up unless their state’s exchange is opened. Fortunately, Gov. Inslee has opened the Washington state exchange. He joins ten governors in so doing. It will take federal action to force the other exchanges to be opened. Read about it here.
  5. Call our members of Congress and tell them to pass legislation overriding the Trump administration’s decision to send new coronovirus testing machines that can deliver results in five to thirteen minutes to rural states and parts of the South instead of to cities that still can’t get enough test kits. Read about it here and here.
  6. Call Rep. Kilmer and tell him to encourage Rep. Adam Schiff to start investigating the Trump administration’s response to the novel coronovirus now, instead of the current plan, which is to wait until after the election in November. Make sure the investigation covers the export of medical supplies from the United States that continued until late March (or may still be continuing), bias in the distribution of medical supplies from the federal stockpile and the tax-payer funded development of low-cost ventilators that continue to be sold overseas. The proposed investigation is different from the House Select Committee on Coronavirus announced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday. The Select Committee will oversee the Trump administration’s implementation of the CARES Act, which allocated $2.2 trillion in support to individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic and economic downturn. There is already something to investigate:  The Labor Department’s twisting of the rules around paid sick leave.

Questions / daily action suggestions?