Actions for the Week of 3/22/2019

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Daily actions 3/22/2019

An action a day keeps the dictator at bay.

  1. Comment on the EPA’s new rule that would limit the scope of the Clean Water Act by removing protections for seasonal streams and adjacent wetlands. As written, this rule would put the drinking water of 1 in 3 Americans at risk and strip protections for tens of millions of acres of wetlands according to Comments are due by April 15. Comment here or use the script provided by here.
  2. Contact our senators and ask them to oppose Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer’s plan to appoint Rostin Behnam and Dan Berkovitz to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. They favor weakening rules that limit risk at our country’s six biggest banks. At issue is the supplementary leverage rule, which was adopted in the aftermath of the 2008 collapse as a last line of defense against financial excess. The two regulators would join Trump appointees to the CFTC who also want to weaken the leverage rule. Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) said this is “another example of Trump regulators listening to Wall Street’s wish list.” Porter also said “Between this, the banking deregulation bill passed last year, and other changes proposed by the Fed and OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), we can expect Too Big to Fail banks to get riskier and have less of a cushion to guard taxpayers from bailouts.” This is another reason to question why Chuck Schumer is the Democratic minority leader in the Senate. Read about it here.
  3. Contact our senators and ask them to co-sponsor Democratic Senator Chris Murphy’s bill, S. 393, the “Supreme Court Ethics Act,” and contact Rep. Kilmer and ask him to co-sponsor the companion bill, H.R. 1057, in the House. The bill would require the U.S. Supreme Court to adopt a code of ethics for Supreme Court justices. Unlike other federal judges, Supreme Court justices are exempt from the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges—a binding code of ethics that ensures neutrality and transparency in our courts. Recent instances of dubious ethical behavior have increased scrutiny of the Court and eroded public confidence in the institution. Read about it here.
  4. Contact our senators and ask them to co-sponsor the “Protecting Disaster Relief Funds Act.” Contact Rep. Kilmer and ask him to co-sponsor the same bill in the House, H.R. 1214, in the House. The bill would prevent the current “president” from using funds appropriated for disaster relief to fund the construction of a border wall.
  5. Contact Rep. Kilmer and ask him to co-sponsor H.R. 852, the “Get the Lead Out of Schools Act.” The bill would require the EPA to establish a lead contamination testing program for all schools and creates a grant program to help school districts conduct lead testing and assist with remediation efforts.
  6. Contact Senator Murray and thank her for re-introducing S. 648, the “Stop Shackling and Detaining Pregnant Women Act.” Contact Senator Cantwell and ask her to become a co-sponsor. The bill would ensure the humane treatment of pregnant women by reinstating the presumption of release and prohibiting shackling, restraining, and other inhumane treatment of pregnant detainees, and for other purposes. Read about it here.
  7. Contact Rep. Kilmer and ask him to them to co-sponsor H.R. 810 and contact Senator Cantwell and ask her to co-sponsor S. 246. The bills would prohibit the use of any funds or fees to implement Executive Order 13780, the “Muslim Ban.” Thank Sen. Murrary for being an early co-sponsor of S.246. Read about the bills here.

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