Actions for the Week of 1/18/2019

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Daily actions 1/18/2019

Call our members of Congress and thank them for standing strong against the “president’s” border wall. Even the libertarian Cato Institute thought the wall was an “impractical, expensive, and ineffective border plan” in 2016. We need to deploy a variety of technologies to secure the border.

Call our members of Congress and give them your opinion about impeachment. The current “president” has made a mockery of our constitution and our democratic republic. Consider the damage that’s been done in just two years. Can we survive another two years? “Starting the process will rein in a president who is undermining American ideals—and bring the debate about his fitness for office into Congress, where it belongs,” as described in a case for impeachment here.

Call our senators and tell them to vote “no” on William Barr for Attorney General. The Senate Judiciary Committee held its hearing on Barr, where Barr said nice things about Robert Mueller, but refused to provide a clear answer on whether he will make the full Mueller report public. Barr is also an architect of mass incarceration and refused to acknowledge the harm done by mass incarceration. Barr also advised former President George H.W. Bush to pardon the six Reagan/Bush era felons involved in the Iran-Contra scandal. Read about the hearing here and here.

Call our members of Congress and ask them to support statehood for the District of Columbia. On Jan. 3, Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat and the non-voting delegate to the House from the District of Columbia, introduced legislation to make the District a state. The District is home to 703,608 unrepresented people as of 2018 – 124,293 more than Wyoming and 79,951 more than Vermont. When Alaska and Hawaii were made states, it was done by a majority vote in the House and Senate and a proclamation by the president. D.C. statehood would mean two more Democratic senators. We will likely have to wait for a Democratic president, but let’s lay the groundwork to make it happen this time. Read about Holmes Norton’s bill here.

Call our members of Congress and thank them for introducing The Raise the Wage Act. The bill will raise the minimum wage, currently stuck at $7.25/hour, to $15/hour by 2024 and index it to inflation. This is an “issue” bill that is unlikely to pass but will show 2020 voters what Democrats believe in. Read about the bill here.

Call Rep. Kilmer and remind him that there has been no sustained federal inquiry into the deaths of 3,000 Americans in the aftermath of hurricanes in Puerto Rico in 2017. This week, the current “president” issued a statement that $600 million in nutritional assistance for Puerto Rico is excessive and unnecessary. He also sought to prevent relief aid from going to Puerto Rico. He has also considered stealing relief aid allocated to Puerto Rico (hurricanes) and California (wildfires) to fund his border wall.

Call our senators and ask them to support a bill requiring the approval of 2/3rds of the Senate for a president to suspend, terminate or withdraw the United States from NATO. Read about it here.

BONUS ACTION: Support Gov. Inslee’s 100% Clean Energy bill. Comment on it here.

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