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Postcard Writing – Everything You Need to Know
Email Holly at to join our weekly online zoom call, 2-3:30 Wednesdays.

Getting postcard writing supplies: On the covered front porch at Holly’s house, we leave sets of postcards, addresses, stamps, instructions of what to write on the cards and when to send them.  Get a set or two or three from the front porch whenever you want. Right now, we’re doing Florida vote by mail campaign from because it is less urgent – and a very important swing state. Email for the address. Holly bulk orders postcards from Avery. Postcards can also be ordered from USPS:
Other options: 
  • We deliver sets of postcards, addresses, stamps and instructions to your home. Email to request a delivery.
  • We email people addresses and instructions, and order cards with stamps to be sent to them (the cheapest option, $39 for 100):  Email to request addresses by email.
  • You can sign up to get addresses from any of the above websites

Vote Forward:
Vote Forward is another way of communicating with voters through the mail. The idea is to write letters to infrequent voters in key swing states (Texas and Arizona, for example) telling them in a short, simple paragraph about why you vote and how important voting is in general. The second key idea is to “bank” these letters until it’s time to mail them 10 days before the November 3 election.

Go to to sign up. It takes a few days to get approval. Once approved, you “adopt” a group of five or twenty voters from any of the many state and congressional districts that are available. Click the name of each voter, and the web site generates the form letter for that voter. Print each form letter and hand write your reason for voting on the letter. Put the Letter in an envelope you address by hand. Put a stamp on it and bank it. Then adopt another group of voters and repeat.

Vote Forward is an easy and productive way to keep building the blowout Big Blue Wave we need to save our democracy in November, coronavirus be damned.

Additional tools: