Voices of the Majority

About Voices of the Majority. Previous posts: here. Updated 2/14/19.

Weather-willing, we will meet this Friday afternoon between 4:30 and 6:30, at Office Xpats
(upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison). 
We will:
  • Create — on StampsLicked.com —  cards that will be hand-delivered to Senators Murray and Cantwell and Representative Kilmer, urging action on Climate Change:
    • Build bipartisan support for the Green New Deal.
    • Hold EPA leadership accountable through tough congressional oversight.
    • Oppose Andrew Wheeler’s nomination to serve as EPA Administrator.
  • Thank our MoCs for supporting the Public Lands Package (passed the Senate 92-8 and now heads to the House)
    • This link from the Outdoor Alliance makes it easy to do.
  • Fax Mitch McConnell and GOP senators urging that the For the People Act be brought to the floor for a vote.
    • This Act would expand voting rights, end gerrymandering, and hold elected officials to the highest ethical standards.
  • Write postcards to voters in Tennessee, in support of candidate Eric Coleman
    • We can help flip a state senate seat from red to blue in this special election
  • Watch this 2-minute video “The Thin Green Line” on the Sightline Institute website.

We’ll have plenty of snacks and beverages along with postcards, stamps and good company. If you’re feeling snowbound, this is a great way to de-hibernate!

See you Friday!

Anna & Bill McClain

P.S. — For more actions you can take during the week, check out:

Anna & Bill McClain