Voices-December 21 2018

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No meetings 21st December and 29th.  We will be back in action  January 4th – see you then!

From last week … 
Instead, Holly will host a holiday card writing party at Cups (Bjune & Madison) this Friday from 4:30 to 6:30. She suggests writing un-redacted holiday thank-you cards to our two senators that she’ll hand-deliver on Tuesday.For actions you can do at home (or on Friday with your friends at Cups), check out:the Indivisible Bainbridge website, andthe Americans of Conscience Checklistthis EnoughIsEnough website that is organizing postcards to Betsy DeVos, to save Title !XMeanwhile,Read this op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post, signed by 44 former U.S. senators from both parties, calling for current senators to put country before party.Watch this climate change documentary, Paris to Pittsburgh, airing Wednesday 12/12 at 9pm on the National Geographic channelAnna & Bill McClain