Voices January 9 2019

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Join us this Friday afternoon between 4:30 and 6:30, at Office Xpats
(upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison)
Bring a phone and your laptop — or just bring a friend!
We’ll provide snacks & refreshments, postcards & stamps

We will:
Call Derek Kilmer to thank him for his leadership on H.R. 1 the pro-democracy, anti-corruption “For The People Act
Call Senators Murray and Cantwell  to thank them for standing up to McConnell, and ask them to continue opposing all legislation in the Senate until the government is reopened
Fax red state senators to encourage them to act responsibly, and pass the House funding bills that will end the reckless shutdown
Write postcards to voters in Florida, encouraging enrollment in vote-by-mail Since this is how we vote here in WA, we can credibly advocate for VbM in FL
Create hand-delivered cards on StampsLicked.com This is our new favorite tool. Check it out in this NYTimes article
Craft signs for the Women’s March Put the March on your calendar: Saturday, January 19th
While you’re at it, put these two dates on your calendar:
Thursday, January 17th at 7pm George Lakey at Eagle Harbor Books discusses his new book, How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigns.
Monday, February 4, at 6pm Attorney General Bob Ferguson will discuss recent major work of the office, significant issues facing Washington state and take questions from the audience.
Tickets are $25 and include dinner. For tickets contact: Kate Smith at: jksmith6225@gmail.com
And read this Atlantic article on Bainbridge Island’s own Jay Inslee.
See you Friday!
Anna & Bill McClain
P.S. — For more actions you can take during the week, check out: