Voices-November 1 2018

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We so appreciate all the work that each of you do, whether together on Friday afternoons or individually at home. In just the past few Fridays, those of us at Office Xpats have written one thousand three hundred ninety onepostcards to voters in Georgia, California, Tennessee, New York, Ohio, Florida, Texas and Washington. And those are just the tip of the iceberg, as we’ve heard from many of you who’ve been writing stacks of postcards from home.

With time too short now to get more postcards through the mail between Friday and Tuesday, we will focus our Friday evening efforts on electronic outreach*:

  • Via text, encourage friends to vote, using the VoteWithMe app
  • Via Facebook Messenger, encourage your Facebook friends to vote, using the ParentsTogether app
  • Via text, encourage others to vote, using the MoveOnTextTeam tool
  • Via phone, encourage others to vote, with Holly’s guidance

(*Full disclosure: We have looked at, but haven’t yet worked with these apps, so it’ll be a real-time experiment! If you have time prior to Friday’s get-together, please sign up on the linked apps in advance.)

See you Friday at Xpats!

Anna & Bill McClain

P.S. — Plan to join us at Office Xpats on Election Night 
to celebrate the return of power to the Majority. Tuesday evening 11/6 from 5:00 til…?
We’ll have snacks, beverages and coverage of the election returns.
And all who come will be entered to win a copy of Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents