Voices-November 6 2018

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Tsunami warning! Head for higher ground. Second floor, Pavilion on Madison. Let’s celebrate the Blue Wave at Office Xpats from 5:00 (when the first returns come in from the Eastern time zone), until the Wave officially washes over the West coast.

Join us at Office Xpats on Election Night 
We’ll have pizza, beverages and coverage of the election returns.
And all who come will be entered to win a copy of Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents
Meanwhile, let’s keep working to turn out the vote until they turn out the lights!
Jacky Rosen’s race in Nevada is a dead heat, and the number of voters who turn out may decide control of the Senate.Jacky is hosting a virtual texting event tomorrow to turn out voters on Election Day. Sign up now to text voters in Nevada tomorrow to remind them to vote for Jacky Rosen.See you Tuesday evening at Xpats!

Anna & Bill McClain

P.S. — Plan to join us on Friday too, as we plan our approach to 2020. For motivation, read this:
The forthcoming midterm elections are an important opportunity for the public to make its policy choices clear to Congress. But political action can’t end on Election Day. Citizens need to keep writing, calling and meeting with elected officials and their staffs long after the midterms. Otherwise, Congress will continue to misunderstand the public’s preferences. And if Congress doesn’t know what the public wants, it’s hard to imagine it will do a good job representing all Americans.