Voices of the Majority-1/12/18

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Drumpf Demands Poem on Statue of Liberty Be Revised to Exclude Shithole Countries

Join us tomorrow (Friday) between 4:30 and 6:30 at OfficeXpats!

We will:

  • Oppose building any sort of wall between the US and our ****hole neighbor to the south
  • Advocate for power restoration to be made a priority for that ****hole territory of ours in the big waters of the Caribbean
  • Thank our WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson for investigating Motel 6’s ICE “room service”
  • Thank our WA State representative Drew Hansen for his work on passing a bipartisan gun bill
  • Discuss joining Debbie’s Universal Healthcare Rally & Lobby Day in Olympia, on Tuesday 1/16
Meanwhile, here are a couple of short pieces well worth a few minutes to read: