Voices of the Majority-10/20/17

Life races ahead, to-do lists lengthen and the news cycle spins relentlessly on to the next disaster. But it was only two weeks ago that 59 innocent people were murdered and hundreds of others brutally shot by a single over-armed gunman. The NRA has only about 5 million members, yet they distort the debate and control the outcome of every effort to bring common sense protections to over 325 million Americans. And they will win again if we all stay silent or move along to the next twitter-fueled crisis. So let’s make our voices heard this Friday with faxes, phone calls, postcards, letters-to-the-editor…

OfficeXpats. Come by for a while between 4:30 and 6:30.

And if you’re not bothered by some NSFW language, watch this Australian comedian’s take on the 2nd Amendment:
Jim Jefferies on gun control part 1: jimjefferies.com
Jim Jefferies on gun control part 2: youtu.be