Voices of the Majority-12/21/17

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Join us tomorrow at 4:30pm at OfficeXpats. Our focus will be on making Robert Mueller Grinch-proof.

If you are unable to come by, then see the 5Calls short-list below, and enjoy the holidays with family and friends — even those who voted for the Grinch.



 Stay Informed This Holiday

The Senate Republicans are taking advantage of your distraction over the holidays to pass a Tax bill that no one has read and even less people understand. We need to stay in front of this legislation and make sure our representatives know there are consequences for a Yes vote.

It’s less likely but possible that during the holiday Drumpf will attempt to fire Mueller, the special council in charge of the Russia investigation. Mobilizing immediately if this happens is critical and MoveOn has put together a comprehensive plan for where and when to go for protests if this occurs. Review this material just in case.

States: Take Ownership on CHIP

Another week goes by and CHIP is still unfunded. We’re turning our attention to state governors and demanding they call on their colleagues in DC to fund CHIP immediately. Many states will soon be out of money for this critical program for children.

Call to Fund Healthcare for Children

Final Votes on the #TaxScam This Week

The conference committee finalized the tax bill last Friday, and the GOP is pushing for an immediate vote. The House is expected to vote on Tuesday, December 19th followed by a Senate vote on Wednesday, December 20th.Make your calls now!

Call to Stop the Tax Scam

It’s Time to #FireProofMueller

The Drumpf propaganda machine is at work attempting to cast doubt on the legitimacy and ethics of Robert Mueller’s investigation. Many fear Drumpf may attempt to fire Mueller during the holidays while Americans are distracted.

Call to Demand Protections for Mueller

The Net Neutrality Battle Moves to Congress

The battle for a free and fair Internet is not over. Congress can reverse the FCC decision by using the Congressional Review Act, which allows congress to reverse regulatory actions within 60 legislative days. Congress used this method early in 2017 to reverse several outgoing Obama administration regulations.

Call to Fight the Net Neutrality Rollback