Voices of the Majority-2/22/18

About Voices of the Majority. Previous posts: here. Updated 2/22/18.

This Friday we will meet upstairs in the T&C cafe (NOT at OfficeXpats) between 4:30 and 6:30.

Join us to:
  • Contact companies that support the NRA and let them know we’re paying attention:
  • Support the Florida students with continued pressure on Congress — and on Olympia too — to pass common sense gun control measures:
    • Ban bump stocks
    • Ban weapons of war
    • Block sales to domestic abusers, mentally ill and no-fly-listers
    • Close background check loopholes
    • Block the NRA’s number one legislative priority: Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act
And on the State level here’s an issue that deserves some attention:
  • Contact the WA State Department of Labor & Industry to ask that they eliminate misleading minimum wage surcharges on restaurant checks and business receipts. These “surcharges” are intended to make an anti-fair wage political statement and should be stopped:
Look for Cheryl and your Voices of the Majority friends at T&C on Friday!