Voices of the Majority-2/28/18

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Come to Office Xpats this Friday between 4:30 and 6:30.

We will:
Bainbridge Island city councilman Matthew Tirman will join us as a special guest, so if you only come once in a while, this is the get-together to put on your calendar!
Meanwhile, check out the Indivisible Bainbridge website for upcoming events such as:
  • March for our Lives
  • School Walkouts
  • Movie Night
  • Peace Cafe
Most important, keep moving forward. As Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut says,

“Great social change movements, the ones that change this country, are the ones that persevere even when they get handed defeat over and over and over again. We’ve had a lot of defeat. I would argue we’ve had some victories, too. We’ve seen progress out there in the states. We haven’t seen as much progress in Washington. But I’m not going anywhere. Those families in Sandy Hook aren’t. So as long as they’re in it, I’m in it.”