Voices of the Majority-4/11/18

About Voices of the Majority. Previous posts: here. Updated 4/11/18.

Two opportunities for action this week:

  • To continue building our movement toward responsible, common-sense gun safety measures, join the meeting that Moms Demand Action is hosting this Wednesday evening April 11, 6:30-7:30,
    Harbor Square Community Room, 125 Ferncliff Avenue NE
  • To make your voice heard on gun safety, immigration, clean air & water and lots of other burning issues, join us at our regular Friday get-together this Fridaybetween 4:30 and 6:30 at Office Xpats (upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison Ave). We will:
    • Ask our senators to oppose S. 446 which weakens protections from gun violence
      • and to oppose Howard Nielson for a lifetime seat on the United States District Court.
    • Submit comments in opposition to the EPA’s proposed approval of the toxic pesticide glyphosate.
      • The EPA is accepting public comments on its glyphosate assessment that stated glyphosate “is unlikely to cause cancer,” contradicting the World Health Organization and California’s environmental health agency. This assessment could affect human health for decades to come, but we only have until April 30th to change the agency’s mind. Last year unsealed court documents revealed Monsanto’s attempts to collude with the EPA to cover up the carcinogenic risks of glyphosate. Now the EPA is getting ready to give Monsanto exactly what it wants: the green light to continue dumping millions of tons of glyphosate on American farmland.
    • Push for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s resignation.
      • Every day, another news story breaks about Pruitt’s corrupt dealings as Trump’s anti-environmental EPA administrator. He is ruling the EPA as his own personal fiefdom – taking first-class flights, using government resources for personal gain and giving away favors to his friends. Meanwhile, as Pruitt’s ethical violations are making headlines, he is continuing to quietly scrap every rule that stops polluters from destroying our health and environment.
    • Ask Governor Inslee to reject Trump’s militarization of the US-Mexico border.
      • Under Title 32, only the governors may authorize deployment of National Guard troops. The governors of Oregon and Nevada have already committed to denying such a request if asked. Governor Inslee should do the same.
Meanwhile, be ready to hit the streets if The Apprentice says “You’re Fired!” To Robert Mueller.