Voices of the Majority-6/28/18

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Lots to do:
Gather this Friday at OfficeXpats, upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison, between 4:30 and 6:30, to:
Thank Bob Ferguson for suing the Trump administration over its continued separation of children from their asylum-seeking parents
Write letters-to-the-editor to counter immigration myths with facts, moving the narrative in the direction of compassion for asylum-seeking families
Call Governor Inslee, Senators Cantwell and Murray, and Representative Kilmer to insist that they pressure HHS and ORR for immediate family reunification
Donate to help students in voter-ID states get the IDs they need to vote this November
Fax senators and representatives to defend the Affordable Care Act’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions
Then let’s get ready to:
Rally in support of immigrant families on Saturday the 30th at the SeaTac detention center
Attend the Kitsap Aware Forum on Sunday July 1stHow Corporations Usurped Constitutional Rights, and We Lost Ours
March on the Fourth of July with Indivisible Bainbridge Island
Meanwhile, right now:
Meet MJ Hegar, candidate for Congress from Texas. (This is an awesome ad.)
Learn about another universal health care effort here in WA. It’s an attempt to get the legislature to pass legislation that would ensure healthcare for all.
Watch an inspiring short film (3 min) featuring the words of the great writer Wallace Stegner

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