Voices of the Majority-6/8/18

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As you peruse this note, feel free to sing out loud all the words to “God Bless America”.

Come hang out with us Friday afternoon anytime between 4:30 and 6:30 at OfficeXpats, upstairs in the main conference room in the Pavilion on Madison to make calls, write cards, fax faxes and tweet tweets. Maybe even sing.
Among the many actions we can take are:
  • Thank Washington state’s AG Bob Ferguson for fighting for political finance transparency, with his suit against Facebook and Google
    • “Washington’s political advertising disclosure laws apply to everyone, whether you are a small-town newspaper or a large corporation,” Ferguson stated. “Washingtonians have a right to know who’s paying for the political advertising they see.”
  • Encourage Senators Murray and Cantwell to stay in D.C. during the cancelled August recess
  • Pressure Indiegogo to remove the “Active Shooter the Video Game” from its fundraising platform immediately
    • If you haven’t heard, this is a school-shooting video game
  • Write letters to the editor in support of Initiative-1639, “Safe Schools, Safe Communities”
    • The proposed initiative will address many of the root causes of recent tragedies by raising the age to purchase semiautomatic rifles to 21; creating an enhanced background check system similar to what is required for handguns; requiring completion of a firearm safety training course; and creating standards for secure storage to prevent guns from falling into dangerous hands.
  • Make signs for a planned protest in support of ICE-targeted immigrant Maru Mora Villalpando
    • Holly reports that “June 26th, a Tuesday is her third hearing. I communicated with the group yesterday, and they are rallying at her hearing. The hearing is at 1. I don’t know what time the rally will be: but let’s make some signs and plan on going! Please spread the word!”
  • Write, call, fax, tweet, holler… about any of the many issues listed on this week’s edition of the Americans of Conscience Checklist (it’s yuuuuge)
Meanwhile never doubt that the persistent actions of committed individuals can and do make a difference. Read this piece from today’s New York Times: A How-To Guide for Politics
See you tomorrow.