Voices of the Majority-9/15/2017

Join us this Friday afternoon any time between 4:30 and 6:30pm, in the large conference room at Office Xpats (2nd floor, Pavilion on Madison). We are hosting a 2 hour drop-in space to meet neighbors who feel that we just need to do something to promote positive political progress.

We’ll share with you some established strategies and examples of what works. And we’ll learn together. Come and find out about existing initiatives – and feel free to bring one that you want us to work on.

Come with friends, or come and make friends. Let’s work together to make our voices heard.

Join us this Friday where we plan to celebrate.

Since January you’ve sent hundreds of communications opposing the unethical policies of the current administration.

We’ll provide delicious appetizers and frosty drinks and take the moment to reconnect (and maybe even make a call or write a card or two!)
If you’ve taken the summer off, come join us! Bring a friend!

Looking forward to a casual fall homecoming meeting this Friday and we can’t wait to catch up with you!

We have 70 people on our email list — and it’s growing!

(We send the “Voices of the Majority” emails out on Bcc to respect everyone’s privacy, but that means each of you may not realize how big our group really is.)

Though we usually get maybe 8-18 people showing up each Friday (some people come every time, some once in a while and some just once so far), every voice is important and every voice needs to be heard. So we’ve crafted a brief one-question survey:

What do we stand for?

Ask any Conservative what they stand for and you’ll hear with consistency, something on the theme of Freedom: Freedom from big government, freedom from taxes and red tape, freedom to open-carry, freedom to pollute, freedom of religion, free enterprise, free markets, “freedom isn’t free”…freedom fries!

Ask any Liberal what we stand for, and you’ll hear a litany of disconnected issues: choice, jobs, environment, racial justice, lgbt rights, gun control, living wage, pre-K, equal pay, universal health care… But no unifying theme. No “Why”.

The survey is just one question. You can answer it now. But we encourage you to first listen to this 10-minute segment from Public Radio International, The Takeaway: Democrats Grasp for an Identity — And a Message.
This is what inspired us to send the survey.

And… watch this TED Talk: Start with Why
It’s been viewed nearly 50 million times, so it’s worth 18 minutes of your time. But if you’re pressed, here’s a 5-minute edited version: Start with Why.

Please add your voice to this discussion. Take the survey now: What do we stand for?