Voices of the Majority January 24 2019

If you are concerned about the state of our Union and you want to do something — anything — to help get it back to health, then

Join us this Friday afternoon between 4:30 and 6:30, at Office Xpats(upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison).
 We will
Create — on StampsLicked.com—  cards that will be hand-delivered to Senators Murray and Cantwellto thank them for standing up to Mitch McConnell,and ask them to continue opposing all legislation in the Senate until the government is reopened

Fax McConnell and vulnerable red state senators to encourage them to act responsibly,and pass the clean funding bills that will end the reckless shutdown

Write postcards to voters in Florida, encouraging enrollment in vote-by-mailSince this is how we vote here in WA, we can credibly advocate for VbM in FLLast week we mailed 187 cards!

Craft a group letter to Representative KilmerAdvocating for the issues that matter most to all of usOur letter will be hand-delivered by Holly on the 29th

Call Senators Murray & Cantwellto ask that they oppose extremist Andrew Wheeler for EPA chiefWe’ll have no hamberders, but will have plenty of snacks and beverages along with postcards, stamps and good company.

See you Friday!

Anna & Bill McClain

P.S. — For more actions you can take during the week, check out: