Voices of the Majority-July 6 2018

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… to wish Scott Pruitt well on his way out of D.C.
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Then let’s welcome his acting successor, Andrew Wheeler, with a raft of emails and postcards reminding this former coal industry lobbyist that it is now his duty to protect, not neglect the environment, to ensure clean air, clean water and a healthy planet.
Let’s gather this Friday in the large conference room at OfficeXpats, upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison, between 4:30 and 6:30
We will write cards, make calls, send faxes and craft letters-to-the-editor to:
  • Defend Obamacare (again?!)
    • Coverage for pre-existing conditions is targeted for elimination
    • Senator Maria Cantwell is calling on the public to contact lawmakers to call for support of the Affordable Care Act, and specifically the provision that covers people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Defend democracy
  • Defend the Supreme Court
    • Let’s contact Senators Collins, Murkowski, Heitkamp, Manchin, McCaskill and Donnelly, to urge them to oppose any nominee who doesn’t represent mainstream American values and respect for judicial precedent.
  • Defend asylum-seekers
  • Defend children in immigration court
    • 50% of children arriving in the U.S. have no one to represent them in immigration court
    • Children without representation are 5X more likely to be deported back to danger
    • KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) provides lawyers to represent children in deportation hearings
    • Donate if you can