Voices of the Majority

We will meet this Friday afternoon
between 4:30 and 6:30
at Office Xpats


  • Call or write to urge our representatives to take action on the Climate Crisis
    • And fax Mitch McConnell and other GOPers to amp up the pressure to do what’s right
  • Write postcards to voters in Florida, to encourage Democrats to sign up for Vote-by-Mail
    • Postcards to FL can boost turnout up and down the 2020 ballot in this pivotal swing state
    • With our vote-by-mail experience here in WA, we can credibly advocate for the advantages of mail voting
  • Text or email your friends to encourage a donation (even just a buck) to Jay Inslee
    • Whether or not he’s your favorite candidate, it’s important that his climate crisis message gets on the debate stage

See you Friday!

Anna & Bill McClain

P.S. — For more actions you can take during the week, check out: