Voices-September 27 2018

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Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day (woohoo… did I miss the parade?).

So now’s a good time to click here and double-check to be sure that you are registered.

And while you’re at it, send the link to friends, family, acquaintances in reddish areas of the map… and post the link on social media. It makes it so easy to register and to look up voter ID requirements, early voting dates and places, and increase voter turnout.

And now’s a good time to tell your kids to tell their friends to get registered…..Those 20-somethings move so often……

Come to OfficeXpats this Friday between 4:30 and 6:30 and we’ll extend our celebration of National Voter Registration Day by:

  • Writing postcards to like-minded voters in Texas
  • Writing postcards to like-minded voters in Washington (state… not DC)
    • In support of Sasha Bentley, in LD 14, which is within Dr. Carolyn Long’s district. Turning out the vote for Sasha will also help Dr. Long because voters tend to vote up the ballot, for larger races, if they’re already voting for a smaller race.

And we will:

  • Call and fax the Senate
    • To urge postponement of the Kavanaugh confirmation

See you Friday!

Anna & Bill McClain

P.S. — Put this on your calendar: 
Empowerment Gather-in
Friday 7:00 — 7:45pm on Winslow Green (after Voices)
Women’s dignity & integrity will not be undermined by a threat to our U.S. Supreme Court.
Join in to share words or song to honor & respect all women & the men who stand with us.