Voices of the Majority – August 16 2018

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We celebrated our anniversary in San Francisco this week. Stayed at the St. Francis, rode a cable car halfway to the stars and strolled the waterfront to an art gallery not far from the Golden Gate Bridge… where we happened upon a political debate among candidates for SF City Supervisor. Hey! Why not? Taking our seats, Anna looked sideways at me and said “Well isn’t this romantic?
We’ve been married long enough that I knew she was kidding, and I knew she was on board.
So what’s any of this have to do with Voices? Hope and change!

On a Tuesday evening when Twitter was captivated by a president name-calling a no-longer-loyal assistant a “dog”, we found a standing-room-only all-ages crowd glued to three impressive young democrats in a down-ballot race debating solutions to homelessness and housing affordability.

We are not alone! So join us Friday between 4:30 and 6:30 at Office Xpats (upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison). We can’t promise standing room only, but we can promise good friends, good snacks & refreshments, and all the tools you’ll need to:

And just so you know, we capped our anniversary evening with dinner and live music in North Beach, so my faux pas was fo’given.

See you Friday!

Bill McClain