Voting Rights in WA

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ACLU Webinar Sunday 7th January

Notes from the webinar

The Legislature is Only in Session for 60 Days in 2018

Please note that (because Democrats control the committees and agenda now because of the Democrat majority) the first hearings in Olympia on the Washington Voting Rights Act will be at 8am on Tuesday, 9/1 and Wednesday 10/1. Woot! Woot! Make it if you can: let’s carpool.

The ACLU Campaign

This campaign works alongside ACLU to maintain and strengthen Washington State’s voting rights. This doc explains the strategy for WA. It is from the initial ACLU “Let People Vote” meeting on October 1st 2017: PDF. The livestream and the plan. The People Power Tactics Guide: Google doc.


The prime focus is to promote the Washington Voting Rights Act:
HB. 1800 in the State House; and S. 6002 in the State Senate. The act enables equal voting opportunity for all people: including people of color and low incomes. More information at: A handout about the WVRA: PDF.

The bipartisan legislation has been stopped by the republican-controlled Senate 5 times in a row:

A related bill: CA-27. This bill was the model for our WA bills.

League of Women Voter’s Information

The review of redistricting in Washington State by the WA chapter: PDF.

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